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Managing your WHM reseller disk limit

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Managing disk space as a WHM Reseller can be challenging, but there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve disk space issues. This guide details some options for troubleshooting and managing disk space in your WHM reseller service.


  1. Identify large files and directories: Use the "File Manager" and "Disk Usage" options in cPanel for each account to identify large files and directories that are consuming a lot of disk space. Once you have identified the large files, you can either compress them, delete them or move them to another location.

  2. Remove old backups: Backups can consume a lot of disk space, so it is important to remove old backups that are no longer needed. Use the "Backup" option in cPanel to remove old backups or to configure the backup settings to keep only a certain number of backups.

  3. Optimise cPanel databases: Databases can also consume a lot of disk space. Use the "MySQL" option in cPanel to optimise databases and remove unnecessary data. We suggest doing so with the help of a trained web developer, as incorrect database management can cause issues with your services.

  4. Check the logs: Log files can also consume a lot of disk space, especially if they are not rotated or compressed. Review and configure your log settings to minimise the effect they will have on your disk usage.

  5. Upgrade the storage: If you have exhausted all other options and still need more disk space, you can upgrade the storage by purchasing more disk space. You can do so by emailing our Sales team.

It's important to note that you should regularly monitor the disk usage and take appropriate actions to keep the disk usage within acceptable limits.  Additionally, you should also communicate to your clients about disk space usage and encourage them to keep their usage within the limits.

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