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Accessing your cPanel webmail

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All of our web hosting plans come with the ability to create email accounts that are accessible with email applications such as Microsoft Outlook. On mobile devices such as Android and iPhones, these email accounts can be accessed using webmail through a web browser.


  1. Navigate to your webmail login.  This can be found by appending /webmail to your website address. For example, https://YOURDOMAIN/webmail, where YOURDOMAIN is your website address. 
  2. To access the webmail itself, click on the blue "Open" button.
    Click here to show the screenshot

  3. If you do not want to see the management page in the future, check the box "Open my inbox when I log in" before you click open.
    Click here to show the screenshot

  4. You should now see your inbox.  If you want to go back to the webmail management page, click on the "Webmail Home"  button on the left side menu bar.
    Click here to show the screenshot

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